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Gift Set

Gift Set

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Gift Set.

Consists of:

1 x Soap Sponge

1 x Shower Fluff

1 x 30ml Room Spray

All in the same fragrance.

Available in:

Violet Sparkle - If sparkling unicorns really existed, then this would be what they smell like! A sweet smelling fragrance, which has a a slight reminiscence to Parma violets, without the harshness.

Watermelon - Mouth Watering Watermelon with a hint of refreshing lime.

Snow Fairy - Dupe - A Fresh and fun blend of bubblegum, pear drops, cotton candy and finished with ripe cherry and vanilla.

Purple Rain - This fragrance is a spin on the “Purple Rain” Cocktail, traditionally made with Vodka, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Lemonade and garnished with lemon. 

Raspberry Prosecco - Strawberry and Raspberry mixed with crisp notes of citrus, plum, jelly sweet and vanilla.

Fruit Salad - This fragrance is a real blast from the past! It is an exotic fruits combination, which tickles the senses and is bound to bring back childhood memories! It smells just like the sweet Fruit Salad

Creed - Aftershave Dupe

Coco Mango - This exotic fragrance will make you feel summery in no time! Refreshingly sweet, reminding us of summertime cocktails on the beach!

Coco Powder - Coco Butter, Peaches, Rose Petals, vanilla and white musk. 

Baby Powder - Soothing rose, lavender and jasmine, mixed with musk. Giving that authentic smell of baby powder.