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Shower Bomb - Creed

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Scented in Creed

For those that long to use a beautifully scented bath bomb....but don’t have a bath. How annoying!
Well be annoyed no longer. 
These gorgeous scrubby shower bombs are full of skin loving, nourishing butters.
They will not only exfoliate the skin but will leave it feeling silky soft and smooth.
To use - simply hold your shower bomb under the running shower water and watch as
it explodes in a beautiful lather.
Just rub the bomb over your skin, ensuring the water hits it to keep it foamy.
We recommend using these as a single use bomb.
However, if you find you don’t need the whole bomb you can place it into a dry place
ready to use again for your next shower
Each bomb weighs between 50 & 60 grams.