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Safety Info


A naked flame is a beautiful and captivating thing, but it is also potentially dangerous. Therefore we ask that all of our customers exercise great care and observe the following safety guidelines when using our products. In addition to making your enjoyment of our products safer, following these simple rules will prevent the production of excess smoke and soot, caused by untrimmed wicks and unregulated air currents. All of our candles are labelled in accordance with European Standard BSEN15494:2007.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Always burn candles out of the reach of children and pets
  • Always leave at least 10cm / 4” between burning candles
  • Never burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire
  • Always trim wicks to shorter than 0.5cm / 0.20” before lighting
  • Never place candles in or near unregulated air currents (draughts)
  • Never place candles on or near a source of heat
  • Never burn a candle for longer than 4 hours at any one time
  • Never move a burning or melted candle
  • Never lean across a burning candle, or place under shelves or other surfaces
  • Always snuff out the flame. Never blow it out. Never use liquid to extinguish
  • Always reposition the wick to its' original location, after extinguishing the flame, and before the melt pool solidifies
  • Always keep the pool of melted wax free of matches and other debris
  • Always leave 0.7cm / 0.25” of unburned wax at the bottom of the container to prevent cracking 


  • Remove all packaging and place wax melt in the well of your burner. 
  • Use with an unscented tealight.
  • Keep out of the reach of children/pets.
  • Keep out of draughts.
  • Do not move while lit.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.


All Relax With Wax products have Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) prepared in accordance with REACH Regulation EC No.1907/2006. These are available to resellers of our products on the occasion of wholesale purchase, via PDF download, or hard copy upon request. In addition all our products are labelled in accordance and as required by Regulation EC No.1272/2008 on CLP.


Relax With Wax products are high quality, handcrafted items which do not produce excess soot or smoke when burned in accordance with the guidelines detailed above. The most common reasons for a ‘smoking’ or ‘sooting’ candle are untrimmed wicks and placement in or near to unregulated air currents (draughts). Unburned particles of carbon will escape if a flame is disturbed or made to flicker. To minimize the smoke or soot released from any candle, users should always trim wicks to shorter than 0.5cm / 0.20” before lighting, never place candles in or near unregulated air currents (draughts), and never move a burning candle. In the unlikely event that any Relax With Wax product continues to smoke or soot after you have followed the steps above, please contact us for further guidance, by emailing


All container candles will ‘remember’ the manner in which they were first burned, and will tend to replicate this behaviour every time they are lit thereafter. This ‘memory’ will only be problematic in instances where the candle is burned for an insufficient period of time on the first burn to allow a full melt pool to form. Since the candle’s future ability to ‘throw’ scent is directly related to the surface area of the melt pool, it is important that during the first burn you allow a full melt pool to form. We suggest that the first burn of any container candle should be around 45 minutes for every inch in candle diameter, up to a maximum burn time of 4 hours. If a jar candle is burned for short periods every time it is lit, only a small melt pool will form, making it very likely that the candle will ‘tunnel’, gradually excavating a core down through the candle following the path of the wick.


Good candle care and maintenance is the responsibility of the user; please follow safe practice at all times. Relax With Wax is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury which occurs due to lack of care or attention when burning our candles. In any case, our maximum liability to you is the amount you originally paid for the product. Your purchase from Relax With Wax signifies your acceptance of