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What is Soy Wax?

Soy Wax is a natural wax made from the soy bean through a hydrogenation process. They are Eco and Vegan friendly.

They have a longer burn time than a paraffin wax candle and their scent throw is excellent. Soy Wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere and they burn cleaner (produce less soot) also a spillage of Soy Wax is much easier to clean up than paraffin wax, just hot soapy water is all you’ll need.


What are Wax Melts & how do you use them?

Wax melts are essentially a candle without a wick. They are placed in the top of a wax warmer, do NOT add water. Light an unscented tea light in the bottom and as it heats and melts it will release its fragrance.

Our wax melts last up to 24 hours and unlike a candle the wax does not evaporate. Once you can no longer smell the fragrance you can throw it away and start a new scent. Please wait for wax to set and discard wax in the bin, do not pour melted wax down the drain.

They can be used in electric warmers as well as tealight wax warmers.


Why use Wax Melts?

They heat up quickly, giving an almost instant fragrance, they are the perfect way to quickly freshen and scent your home, whatever the circumstances.

There’s no open flame. The only flame is on the tea light which is at the bottom of the burner. Alternately you can use in an electric warmer.

Wax melts are perfect if you’re unsure whether you’ll like a fragrance enough to buy a Candle. 

You can use a different wax melt in each room of your home, if you choice.

Wax melts heat up quickly and give off a slightly stronger aroma than candles.


How do I remove wax from my burner?

Our long lasting wax melts, can be easily removed from your wax burner. Blow out your tea light and remove. Let the wax cool down and completely set. Place your wax burner or removable dish on the wax burners into your freezer for 10-15 minutes. Remove the wax burner from the freezer, the wax melt should easily come out from the burner. The wax can be saved to use again or discarded if the scent has finished.

Alternatively you can heat your wax up and just as it starts melting wipe with kitchen roll and dispose of in the bin.

DO NOT use baby wipes or cleaning wipes to clean your wax burner as they can react with the wax melts. Clean with warm soapy water or follow manufactures guidelines.


How Much Are The Postal Charges?

Postage prices are currently £3.50 per package, and free delivery on orders over £25. If you add items to your basket then click 'calculate postage costs', postage prices will show up. Currently we dispatch via Royal Mail, however this is subject to change.


How long will it take to receive my purchase?

All items are ready to ship, (apart from Pre-Orders, which will have shipping dates clearly stated). So you can be assured your orders won't take long to reach you. Usual turnaround times for packing and posting are upto 5 working days. You will receive emails as your order is processed and packaged and sent, to keep you up to date at all times.


Can I collect?

Yes, select local collection at point of ordering, you will receive an email once your order is ready to be collected.


Do you ship abroad?

Yes we do regularly.


What is PayPal and is there another way I can pay?

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. We do also offer card payment viz Shopify Pay

PayPal is a secure way to pay over the internet, you can pay by credit or debit card. Your card details are never passed onto us. You don't even need a PayPal account to pay, for more information please visit their website at . Note: payment will be sent as an eCheque if your PayPal balance is not enough to cover the payment and you don't have a card and a bank linked to your account. With eCheques, your bank account will be debited when the payment is initiated. However, we will typically receive the money 5-7 working days later and can process the order after that.


Do you accept returns

Yes we do, unless stated on certain items due to hygiene or contamination reasons. We do not accept returns for custom made orders the only exception being is if they're faulty, not as described, not fit for purpose or any other fault of Relax With Wax. 


My goods arrived damaged, what happens now?

If your item has been damaged in transit we ask that you send proof, either by email including pictures or returning the product and we will replace the item/s or refund. PLEASE NOTE - If emailing you must provide photo evidence, please do not bin the item before taking a picture as we do need this evidence for a claim from the courier or to issue a refund or replacement.


Will my personal information ever get sold on if I submit it to your site?

Absolutely not. Information you have submitted to us on this website will only be used by Relax With Wax to contact you about an order if necessary.